Administration Bureau Commander:

The Administration Bureau provides leadership, expertise and resources to support police operations in addressing criminal activity, problem solving operations and improving the quality of life in our community. The Administration Bureau works collectively with police officers, citizens and other agencies to enhance community policing throughout the Township of Bloomfield.

The Administration Bureau is responsible for the review, classification and retention of all incident reports taken by the Bloomfield Police Department. This includes hundreds of thousands of incident reports, arrest reports, restraining orders, gun permits, fingerprint cards, alarm registrations and many other documents. In maintaining a centralized records system, it allows the Administration Bureau to complete the Uniform Crime Report (UCR), process and maintain all Megan’s Law Offenders’ files, maintain and file all gun permits and firearms identification cards and allows for a mechanism to accept alarm registration applications.

The Administration Bureau is also responsible for the filling of all Open Public Record Act requests (OPRA) and discovery requests involving police related issues, maintaining and ensuring that the Bloomfield Police Departments jail structure is up to the Department of Corrections’ standards, and supervising all tow operations in the Bloomfield Police Department.

The Administration Bureau is also responsible for Payroll operations within the police department, and the recording and maintaining of all attendance records.

The Administration Bureau is comprised of the following personnel: 1 Captain, 1 Lieutenant (Training Commander), 1 Detective (Megan’s Law Liaison), 1 Police Aide and three records clerks.

The Administration Bureau is open 9:00 am to 4:30 pm daily Monday-Friday (Holiday’s excluded).


Ralph Colasanti
Law Enforcement Building
1 Municipal Plaza
Bloomfield NJ 07003