Crime Analyst:

The Crime Analyst Office is responsible for reviewing daily police data. The data is taken and applied to different analysis programs and methods in an effort to understand any trends that are occurring. The office looks for themes and patterns across local areas to understand where most crimes are being committed and in what capacity.

The Crime Analyst Office works hand-in-hand with law enforcement officials within their agency and work as a part of the team. The police officers and other law enforcement officials pass along their daily reports to the crime analysts for proper analysis. They use the data to create maps and graphs that spell out the number and types of crimes happening within each specific area.

Crime analysts review past data and trends to draw their conclusions. Their findings are used for law enforcement operations to help prevent future crimes. This data, along with the crime analyst’s findings, is helpful in fighting crime and ensuring proper police coverage is provided in a given area. This information is also helpful to families, parents, and citizens of local communities.


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