Traffic Unit
  • Investigations of traffic accidents
  • Addresses signage, traffic control devices
  • Speeding complaints
  • School guards

The primary responsibilities of the Traffic Unit are to provide our citizens, whether walking or driving, a safe environment. This is accomplished through education, engineering and enforcement. In order to obtain these goals we strive to meet the following objectives:

  • Providing speakers at school and community events, addressing community concerns and safety issues while providing available educational literature.
  • Reduce the number of fatalities and serious injury crashes caused by hazardous moving violations
  • Concentrate on school zone enforcement.
  • Conduct proactive radar enforcement
  • Monitor those areas where crashes frequently occur and coordinate with certified engineers in seeking solutions to eliminate them.
  • Address citizen complaints concerning traffic laws, ordinances and handicap parking regulations.

Included in the Traffic Unit are the Parking Violation Officers (PVO’s) and the School Crossing Guards.

Information at your fingertips:

-The Parking Violations Officers enforce all municipal parking violations on township roadways.

- The civilian school crossing guards are assigned school posts throughout the township during school hours and keep children and adults safe while traveling to and from school.

- This two-man unit is assigned to the Traffic Unit and is responsible for the monitoring and enforcement of traffic violations throughout this township.


Ralph Colasanti
Law Enforcement Building
1 Municipal Plaza
Bloomfield NJ 07003